Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am not fit?
Being fit at the current moment isn't what matters! You will be more fit but just find your own pace and rest when you need to or take the modifications. All people in class are coming from different places in their health and fitness levels. Honor your body and what it needs and you will see dramatic differences in just 2 weeks!

Is there access to showers so I can workout before my workday?
Yes, there are showers at the gym in which we are located. There are also lockers if you bring your own lock. We have cubicles inside the studio to use while you are in class.

Can I come to a barre workout everyday?
Most people come 2 or 3 times a week, sometimes 4, and while it would be nice to see you everyday, it is recommended that you add in something else to your fitness routine in order to reach your fullest potential. We can help you with suggestions if you like once we know more about your specific needs, likes, and time available.

Why don't you have punch cards or unlimited monthly classes like other barre studios?
At the moment we have such a variety of classes and the duration, that the punch card option made this more difficult for us to maintain. We are also not large enough, yet, to facilitate the unlimited options but it is possible to work out a way to fit in that many classes for you at a special rate if you are that keen.

Do you give special rates to students?
If you are truly a student with limited funds but a desire to stay fit with classes on a regular basis, you can receive a student rate depending on the class you would like to attend. Please consider the instructor's situation too; this is the way she pays for rent and food. Feel free to inquire through email or phone for more information.

Do you do special parties?
Of course! We love hosting special birthday parties, bachelorette parties, and family events. Just drop us a line and let us know the dates and times and any theme ideas you would like to create.