Sea Salts

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Bath: New Moon / Full Moon Bathing
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Thank you for attending your first Barre class at Studio fitness; it is suggested that you use your complimentary gift of bath salts to detoxify your body the very same evening after an invigorating workout. If that is not possible please do take the time to do so at your earliest convenience. Thank you to Sheila from Wisdom Essentials for the information below on how to best utilize the energy of the salts with the cycles of the moon to energize and detoxify.
Himalayan Crystal Salt is the purest salt that contains up to 84 minerals and elements which our bodies need. The brine solution is called “sole” which comes from the Latin word “sol”, meaning sun. The minerals are absorbed through your skin, the largest organ in the body, to purify and balance.
A 30 minute sole bath can have the equivalent detoxifying results of a 3 day fast. This detoxification and remineralization process is accelerated by the New and Full Moon. At the Full Moon the absorption qualities of the bath are intensified. You will retain more of the beneficial minerals at this time. At the New Moon the detoxification or internal cleansing qualities of the bath are at their peak. The New Moon is the traditional time to balance your body and catch up on rest.
Fill tub with very warm but not hot water (37 degrees Celsius). It is best to take a bath that is around or slightly above body temperature for best results. The water needs to be a comfortable temperature for your body so you can relax and absorb the minerals. If it is too hot you will perspire too much and dry out the skin. Don’t overfill the tub, you don’t want all that wonderful mineral laden water to go down the overflow drain. You can always add more water and adjust the temperature once you are in the tub. Refrain from using any soap, shampoo, oil or any products and relax in the tub  for 30 minutes. It is suggested that you use a towel to dry off your body and never rinse off with normal water. It is also advisable that you go to bed and rest after your sole salt bath.
Thank you for joining Barre class at Studio fitness and hope the class and sole salt bath will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and renewed; a healthy way to pamper yourself!