What is a Barre Workout?

Barre Workout is a unique, fun, high energy class. It fuses legendary fitness techniques from Pilates, ballet, callisthenics and yoga. These techniques are designed to streamline, firm, tighten and tone muscles and realign the body without adding bulk, ie. a dancers body! This helps to create a balanced and elegant posture, improve body awareness and flexibility as well as give you cardio endurance.

The structure of this innovative Barre Workout keeps the heart rate elevate with motivating, up-beat music and brisk, dynamic, no-impact movements. All the while burning calories and fat and simultaneously building 'bulk-free' lean muscle mass. The techniques learned in Barre Workouts help to increase your resting metabolism, which allows you to burn more calories and fat while you are at rest.

Barre Workouts have no jumping or punching, just pure lengthening and strengthening exercises which help to create the body of your dreams. We also have Classic Barre/Callisthenics classes which focuses on more isolation movements and a great way for those to start out if you feel a regular class is too intimidating for you.

Barre classes are for all age ranges and levels of fitness. For best results it is recommended to take 2 classes a week. Please call or email for any other information.