Beautiful Bride-To-Be Workouts

I was surprised to discover that according to one survey 80% of brides and over 50% of the wedding party and family members will take steps to change eating or exercise habits for the big day. I thought it was more than that for the percentage of brides and less for the wedding guests!
So many women at Studio Fitness have started with 2 Barre Workout classes per week and have found immediate results. Not only have they trimmed the waistline tight, created a perky bottom and perfectly defined their arms, but they have also discovered an immense sense of how they move and therefore walk more gracefully and look more elegant in their daily lives.
I work hard at my job to create a class that challenges people to become their potential and to have fun while doing it. You will NEVER waste your time coming to a Barre Workout at Studio Fitness! Just check out the testimonials link to see what people are saying about Barre! Welcome to Studio Fitness:)